Ducati service

Ducati service

The important bit about servicing YOUR bike…

No two bikes are the same, so we tailor the servicing to fit your bike perfectly. While all Ducati’s are scheduled for servicing every 12 months, not everyone covers the same mileage every year, so we need to adjust the servicing accordingly.

If you have ridden 3000 miles in 2 years you won”t need as much done as a rider who has covered 12,000, equally 6000 miles round trip to Laguna Seca and back is a long way so we will tailor your service accordingly. We also understand budget constraints and can recommend services that need to be done and others that can wait for a bit.

Ducati servicing made easy…

Ducati’s up to model year 2006…

The first 'run in' service (Service 1) is carried out at 600 miles / 6 months old
Subsequent servicing is carried out every 12 months or 6000 miles whichever comes first
At 6000, 18000, 30000 miles Service '2' is required: Valve clearance check
At 12000, 24000, 36000 miles Service '3' is required: Valve clearance check + Timing Belt replacement service
At Thomas Performance: We have two options for the 'Service 3'. This is to cater for bikes that are due the larger service because they have reached the time limit (2 year intervals) but have not reached the mileage (12,000 intervals). This is 'Service 3-B'. This option excludes the front fork strip and refresh (only really required at 12000 mile intervals)

Ducati’s from 2007 onwards…

The first 'run in' service (Service 1) is carried out at 600 miles / 6 months old
Subsequent servicing is carried out every 12 months or 7500 miles whichever comes first
The service items required are dependent on mileage:
Every 7500 miles (regardless of time) we need to check the valve clearances (15000 on Multistrada 1200 and Diavel)
Every 15000 miles or 2 years Timing belts are required to be changed (3 years on Diavel or Multistrada 1200)

We will be happy to put you on a Service Reminder Call list to let you know when your pride and joy should come in for its check up!

Just call (336) 303-1006 or email Bobby Thomas for advice and pricing of servicing your Ducati.

Advanced Services:

These are the some of the more specific service options available in the Thomas Performance workshop. Below are the most popular options for the dedicated Ducati owner, for the rider or racer who wants the very best out of their bike, developed from our experience with our own Ducati’s on road and track, this is the kind work that our reputation is built on. Not available at your average Ducati dealer!

The desmodromic valve operating system used by Ducati is, as all race derived systems, particularly sensitive to the components being set perfectly, so worn rockers or camshafts, valves not seating properly or covered in exhaust carbon and unmatched shim tolerances all result in poor running, difficult starting, poor throttle response, less power and increased oil consumption.

The Desmodromic valve control system is totally unique to Ducati engines. Why is it used?…

Ducati engines are short stroke high revving engines (as far as twins go that is). The more conventional valve control systems used in Japanese motorcycles use a valve spring to return the valve to its closed position when the lobe on the camshaft releases its downward force. The problem with this system can be that as engine revs build up, a spring can suffer lag which in turn means that the valve may still be slightly open when the piston reaches top dead centre. If you are lucky, this will give loss of compression, for those less fortunate it can cause total destruction.


The “Desmo” system uses a second rocker arm to positively lift the valve back to its closed position ensuring that there is always piston to valve clearance.

See the Desmodromic system in action here.

Desmodromic head Refresh: (aka Top end blueprint)

Therefore we offer a full top end rebuild as an upgrade to scheduled servicing. Although during every service we check the condition and clearances of the valve system, our experience has shown that engines with 15000 – 18000 miles (average road use) really benefit from this refresh. Note: For dedicated track or race use we tend to do this service once a season (depending on the level of tune of your engine).

This is often referred to as a ‘top end blueprint’ and is very popular with our track day customers and racers, setting the “desmo” valve system to exact tolerances, rather than factory built ones, simply makes your Ducati as it should be. We often do this service along with cam timing (see below) to get the best out of the Ducati L twin engine.

What’s involved:

We remove both cylinder heads, strip and professionally clean them completely, de-coke and pro clean the pistons, barrels and heads, check valve guide condition and replace if required (usually 24000 miles of road use) clean and lap the valves / valve seats, replace worn rockers, replace collets and stem seals. Then assemble each head and set the valve clearances exactly, clean barrels/cases and replace base gaskets and refit the heads.

Worn Rockers

This upgrade is a complete top end rebuild, and you will notice the difference, more power, smoother running and sharper throttle response are the usual remarks from customers.